How to Tame a Dragon

Minus the taming, but with more killing

Manfred, distraught over the death of Halor, refused to give up trying to revive him. He stayed in the minimal shelter of the guard post, and insisted on performing the raise dead ritual again and again. Ragnarr, Dirstav and Ideal agreed to scout the area and leave Manfred to grieve. Struggling through the unnatural cold and gale force winds they moved South-East, and eventually came across a cave, leading down deeper into Frost Spire.

The cave exterior was littered with dead Frost Giants – who were horribly scarred with burns. Deep within the cave the sound of Hounds baying could be heard. The party crept deeper into the cave, and found a door with blue and white light flickering underneath it. With a silent nod to each other, Dirstav and Ragnarr smashed the door down and charged in. Ideal ran in quickly afterwards, excited to prove his worth.

The party found a Forge, with a pit of blue-white FrostFire in the center and a font of ice-cold water in the back. Also, two HellHounds paced angrily back and forth behind ice bars in the kennel. Ragarr charged over to the dogs, trying to keep them pinned down in the kennel. Dirstav and Ideal made they’re way into the centre of the room. Dirstav noticed a completed Maul lying beside the Anvil – a powerful Aura killing weapon.

Suddenly, from an unseen window above them, the Master of this Forge showed himself – Helstaff the Windkeeper! He used the artic winds against Dirstav and Ideal, knocking Ideal off his feet. Then, from a secret passage, a quickling emerged and sunk his sword deep into Ideal’s shoulder. Responding to their Master’s whistle, the HellHounds melted their kennel bars, and surrounded Ragnarr – their powerful fire auras deflected by Ragnarr’s magical armour.

Helstaff once again blasted Dirstav and Ideal with artic winds, this time kncoking Ideal into the FrostFire pit (15 fire and 15 ice for entering or starting – Ouch). Ideal, was all but ready to let the hot and cold flames take him to his maker, when he heard the voice of Rangarr yelling in his booming Dragon voice – Inspiriring him to fight of for greater glory!

Dirstav was in heated combat with the quickling, when out of nowhere Aecris exploded out of his chest, then a quickly as it came it flew back into Ragnarr’s grasp. Freed from his enemy, Dirstav bent into a deep crouch, then exploded into a spinning ball of death – straight at the Forge Master’s window. He smashed into Helstaff, staggering him.

Ideal, freed from the pit, bravely ran past both the hellhounds, and tried to force them into the ice font. However, both HellHounds managed to narrowly avoid being dumped to the magical liquid. Rangarr and Ideal fought the hounds while Dirstav battled Hellstaff. The battle was lost for the Giants.

The Brotherhood explored the rest of the complex, finding no more souls to reap. They barracaded themselves inside, and took a well deserved rest.

In the morning, the Brotherhood headed back out into the screaming wastes. The did not get far before a shadow blocked out the sun. Looking up, they saw the gigantic shape that strikes dread into the most heroic hearts – the silouette of the mighty Dragon!

The elder White wyrm Ketherek, settled not far the the heroes- and demanded tribute to spare their lives. Dirstav, half-heartily offered up his old Maul – but the greedy Dragon demanded more. Sensing the dragon would never be satisfied, Ragnarr approached – offering the Seed of War. Instead of offering however, he threw it at the Dragon and, with a mighty yell – Charged the giant beast.

What happened next was the thing of Legend.

Ragnarr and Aecris were a blur of divine glory. He attacked the dragon again and again, each time burying Aecris up to the hilt in dragon flesh. Ideal followed suit, with a powerful attack that knawed at the monsters soul. With a howl, the dragon unleashed his mighty Dragon Breath, hitting Dirstav, the Seed of War and Ideal for a tremendous amount of damage ( 6d10 + 13 cold damage, and the target is slowed SE). Then, he turned his terrific gaze towards Ragnarr. Before the brotherhood’s eyes Ragnarr became encased in black ice (The target is stunned, cannot be pulled, pushed, or slid, and takes ongoing 45 cold damage SE). Seeing his friend encased in magic – Dirstav sprinted towards the Wyrm, and jumped. He flew through the air, and then unleashed the most powerful swing he had ever done, right into the Dragon’s skull. The thud was so powerful it echoed off the mountains in all directions. Manfred looked up from his ritual at the distant thud.

Ragnarr was still encased in ice, leaving Dirstav and Ideal to fight on alone. With a mighty hit, Dirstav (I think?) blooided the Dragon. Seeing the fight go against him, the giant wyrm tried to flee – but Dirstav with a shout – said “NO!”. Cowed, the dragon fought on. The fight was brutal. The Dragon bit at the heroes (5d12 + 14 cold damage), and clawed at them, and again blasted them with cold. They took it all – and responded with violence.

Ideal, with a yell, destroyed the monsters mind. It collapses into a heap – dead. (Insert: What was the power that killed the Dragon?)

It was an epic, epic battle. It was only 4 rounds, 3 of which Ragnarr was frozen. The boys rolled really well, and blew tons of sweet powers. The encoutner was well above level, and only supposed to bloody the Dragon. They killed it, 500 HP. A magic item was inside – to be announced.


Ketherek, the Elder White Dragon. He tried to flee, but the Brotherhood had other plans.

How to Tame a Dragon

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