Roc'ing the Boat

And...the Brotherhood for the win

With the giant raiders defeated and for time being the town of Flotsum safe,Ragnarr and his allies sought out the Di’Jinn, who was said to be the protector of the shanty town. The town’s reeve, Za’arl, told the troop he would be willing to aid them, provided Roughneck’s in turn help sure up Flotsum’s defences.

Though it had been a long time since Dirstav have worked in his father’s coopery, he took the lead in organizing Halor, Ragnarr and himself to stabilize some of the damaged huts. With the poor tools, and time being a factor the work would sure to redone once the stormy season ended, but it did stop the wind from howling into the hovels.

Elsewhere, Manfred took it upon himself to rebuild the damaged seawall. While his friends toiled with hammer and saw, Manfred sat apart from everyone and focused his mental energies upon the gaping hole breaching the seawall.


Nice job…I’ve been so busy I’ve had no time to contribute. Shocking…we’d been in dire need of an update.

Roc'ing the Boat

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