Skywatcher's Dome and Flotsam

Do NOT step on that bridge -- SPASH!

(excerpt from Nick’s email)
We tried to parlay with the Astral Giants again, and after convincing the guards to let us in to their temple of knowledge, we were subsequently attacked by the Giants, in conjunction with some manipulating Drow. We drove away the Drow and were then able to learn the rough whereabouts of the pieces of the Divine Engine from the Giants.

After reporting back to Obanar, we set off to Flotsum, a small coastal town, to recover a piece of the Engine. As soon as we arrived the town was attacked by Giants from the sea. A giant (swish!) battle ensued, with Manfred almost dying as his attempt to cross a rickety bridge over the glacial waters proved to be folly for a man with his agility.

We ended after routing the Giants and taking a quick breather…

(excerpt from Rob’s email)
What Nick failed to mention was that with one enemy left on the board, and despite Dirstav and Manfred‘s pleading not to do so, Ragnar decided to get on the same rickety bridge that Manfred was standing on, causing the bridge to collapse and plunging Manfred into the arctic water thereby causing 21 points of damage. Which wouldn’t have been a problem except that Manfred only had 20 hp left. Thereby triggering Manfred’s Arcane Rejuvenation Daily and causing Manfred to Dimension Swim to shore, thereby wasting another Daily. Manfred will not forget. Manfred will never forget.


Nice… good idea with the email cut and paste.

Acererak’s Tower is slowly coming along.

Skywatcher's Dome and Flotsam

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