Taking the fight to the Giants

We're really "in the Zone"

After successfully holding the gates long enough for Obanar to activate the city’s defenses, the invading army began to flee. The party decided to lick their wounds, then follow them out at first light.

The trail left by the Giants was easy enough to follow. The party managed to bluff their way past a patrol, and intimidate a group of slavers, and sneak through the Giant’s camp all the way to the main headquarters. There, they tried to bluff their way into the compound – but were detected and attacked!

The doors burst open and a overgrown Drake leaped out and dug his claws into Manfred. Ragnarr went from Giant to Giant, then finally to the Drake, each time dealing the killing blow with mighty Aecris! These quick actions meant the party was able to enter the compound unnoticed.

The next room contained a pair of giants, and another drake. The group burst in and took the fight to the giants. Dirstav ran in to take care of a Giant wielding a sling, while Halor and Ragnarr concentrated on the Drake, and Manfred hung back and rained down death. Then a Giant Shaman teleported into the room and unleashed an earthquake! Blinded, and hurt the party didn’t falter. Manfred let loose a mighty burst of flame, and a huge fireball to turn the tide.

Venturing further into the compound, they came into an entrance chamber – filled with Hill giants, an Earth giant, and a Fire Elemental who bathed in magma. Manfredstepped bravely into the room, and called forth a Wall of Fire to cut off the two Giant Slingers. This left him exposed, so the rest of the party ran in to create a perimeter. The perimeter quickly turned into a firestorm as the Fire elemental called down flames.

As the battle seemed almost won, the doors opened and the slingers emerged! they had ran around, and rejoined the battle by launching clay orbs with acid inside at the heroes. Ragnarr, Halor and Manfred dealt with that thread, while Dirstav went toe to toe with the fire elemental. Fiery fists rained down on him, and despite his Dwarven surefootedness was pushed into the fiery magma! Singed, but not beaten, he called upon the Raven Queen for aid – and it was granted. He stepped out of the magma and continued to occupy the elemental.

Meanwhile Halor had fallen, and Manfred was near death as well. Rangarr was trying to hold the attention of both slingers, while Manfred saw to Halor.

Eventually, Ragnarr finished off the Sligers, and healed Halor, while Manfred unleashed his magical attacks against the elemental. With the combined might of the party the elemental did not last long.


Well done sir. Which room was it that Ragnarr killed everything in the room?

Taking the fight to the Giants

It was the first battle I think.

Taking the fight to the Giants

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