The Dymrak Dread

Centran whipped his long sword out of the goblin chieftain’s chest as the sounds of battle around him died. Off to his left two other goblins’ charred remains still smoked from one of Trinquin’s spells. Another with the back of its skull crushed in lay nearby; a certain sign that Fang lurked in one of shadows. Centran smiled as he bent down and cleaned his blade on the chieftain’s tunic.
It had been a hard u days trudging around the swamps of Dymrak, but the surrounding settlements would pay well now that the goblin lord known as the Dread had been dealt with. Centran allowed his mind to wonder briefly as he thought of accepting a certain miller’s daughter’s thanks.
“Centran!” a hushed shout arose from the lingering shadows, “Trinquin! I discovered the brute’s coffers.”
Centran turned to the where the noise emanated and thought he could make out the halfling’s slender frame crouched over a large chest. As the warrior approached, Fang slowly opened the chest. The three adventurers’ faces were bathed in the reflected light of the amassed wealth. The trio smiled broadly at each other.

Though it was most copper, with a few silvers and gold mixed in, it was still more money than the youths had ever seen in their lives. Amongst the coins, broken bits of jewellery and trinkets there was a single scroll.
Trinquin eagerly removed the accident parchment and began to read. Before he had finished the first line the mage stopped.
“Fellows, this appears to date back to before the destruction of the Nentir. If it is what I think it is, it may talk of the Brotherhood!” His voice an awed, whisper continued, “We’ve found one of the Lost Scrolls of Paulpol ….”


Ha ha ha!

The Dymrak Dread

This is the best post ever. True awesomeness. Loved it!

The Dymrak Dread

I take back my last comment. I just read the scroll (didn’t reaize it was a link before). Love it but also vow revenge upon Nick for history’s recollection of Ragnarr’s deeds.

The Dymrak Dread

I was really clueless about this post for the last few weeks, since the link wouldn’t work for some reason. Finally worked tonight, and it is great!

The Dymrak Dread

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