Welcome to the Silver Cloaks (pt 3)


  • Q&A with Obanar
  • Agree to join the Silver Cloaks
  • Navigate through the Necropolis, through trap rooms and labyriths.
  • Negotiate with the undead, and prove worthy of the sky metal – but there’s a catch – it’s 600 years in the past!
  • Fight to defend the walls – Dirstav (is dropped by a Roc and) falls to 200ft and lives
  • Defend the gate, Giant lightning lizard, Ragnar eaten, signe and manfred hold off waves of giants


It had “dwarfsploitation” in it…I had to post the link ;)


Pretty awesome link, Nick.

We must also remember Halor’s epic bow work in this session(yep he still carries a bow). Three critical hits with his bow plus slaying a few of the giants with it.


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