Halor Edgewood

Cleric of Pelor, Multiclass Ranger


Born into a family of priests in a rural settlement, Halor spent his youth learning the priesthood and hunting the woods of his homeland. Halor was called by Pelor to bring His light to the dark places of the world, and he left his home in search of darkness to destroy.

In Fallcrest, he joined the Brotherhood of the Natural 20s, and has since waged on ongoing battle with the servants of evil Gods and Demons from the many planes.

On his journey, he was bitten by a werewolf and contracted a Lycanthropic disease, which he eventually overcame. Since that event, he is forever marked with hair where elves don’t usually have hair.

In battle, Halor’s lack of formal military training often shows, as he stumbled into fights that no Cleric should attempt to lead the way into. This overconfidence came from his belief that it was his duty to wield Pelor’s holy radiance to personally smite the enemies of good and light. With time, Halor has learned that Pelor’s radiance can be spread just as well through His healing and bolstering the rest of the Brotherhood. Halor has therefore focused much of his training and learning of late on improving his healing abilities, though he is often still overtaken by the delight of seeing his God’s enemies incinerated in the holy light he wield’s by Pelor’s grace.

Halor Edgewood

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