Disembodied floating head of an Eladrin Princess


This orb of darkest obsidian easily fits in the palm of your hand. As you stare into its inky depths, the severed head of an eladrin princess floats into view and you hear her sing-song voice, “I am Vyrellis, and I offer my assistance to whoever carries this orb.”

Head of Vyrellis (Heroic Level)

The Head of Vyrellis is a wondrous item with the following properties and powers.

Property: You gain a +2 bonus to Arcana, History, and Religion checks and can make checks as if trained in those skills.

Power (Encounter): Move Action. You can teleport up to 7 squares.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. You are surrounded by a cyclone of biting cold wind. Creatures that begin their turn adjacent to you take 1d6 cold damage and are slowed until the start of their next turn.


The Head of Vyrellis is haughty, cultured, and eloquent—very much like a living Eladrin noble.


Natural20 Tre11is