Backstabbing leader of the refugee camp within Pyramid of Shadows


He was the leader of the refugee camp (before it was destroyed). He tricked the PC’s into staying in his hut, then burned it down to try and destroy them. After seeing all him followers killed, and being near death himself, he surrendered.

For his betrayal of the party, Ragnarr, Halor and Dirstav thought a fitting punishment would be to tie up the cultist and stash him (bound and gagged) in some forgotten corner of the pyramid. As one does not need to eat and drink within the Pyramid of Shadows, Madraga may have a very, very long wait for a rescue.


Wears a wooden mask in the likeness of a human male to cover his warped and twisted features. Is a smooth talker, and a religious zealot. He’s been trying to find a way out of the pyramid for centuries, and his latest experiments with the Far Realm have not been successful.


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