A member of Gharash Vren's band, who valiantly fought alongside the Roughnecks in their battle against the treefolk.


During their travels in the Pyramid of Shadows, the Brotherhood came across a small military band led by the dragonborn, Gharash Vren. After some brief negotiations, the heroes were given a place to stay in return for aiding Vren and followers in their confict against some tree-like monsters.

A very complex and brilliant plan was drawn out, where Vren’s men would create a distraction against the main treefolk horde and the Roughnecks would enter through another path and seek out the monsters leaders – the root of the problem.

One of these individuals was Breadbasket (actual name unknown).

The distraction was a success and the heroes soon found themselves deep within the treefolk’s lair. Soon, however, our heroes began to find themselves overwhelmed against the treebeasts. Think TREEVENGE! It was here, when some members of Vren’s band led by Breadbasket, charged into the room and turned the tide of the battle.

Sadly, during this conflict the heroic Breadbasket died, surrounded by the horrid treefolk. It was the death of Breadbasket (and all the others that came to the heroes aid) that soured Vren and the Brotherhood’s realationship.



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