Festuad il’Sook

Very weathy noble from Fallcrest who was kidnapped


Festuad il’Sook is known throughout his city as a decadent and effete aristocrat — a man who has no interest beyond his hedonistic escapades and squandering his fortunes on drink, drugs, and excess.

From his great estate piled on top of a hill overlooking Fallcrest, he delights in his distractions, opening his doors to young men and women of his community to share in the revelry and sample the wonders only he can offer.

Talk fills taprooms, winesinks, and brothels, as the curious and jealous speculate about what happens behind his rose-colored walls while thirsting for their own taste of the forbidden fruit il’Sook offers.

His caravan was attacked, and him taken prisoner. The Brotherhood was hired by Lady Marissa Dunderly to bring him back…though it appears she hired them a day before he was actually kidnapped.

The Brotherhood quickly found the caravan and found out that it was an inside job. His guards were poisoned by Ayn, the cook, and his lovers killed by Joaquin Tantelroy. His manservent Micah and chief of security Cara Toyden are also implicated in his kidnapping.


Festuad il’Sook

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