Joaquin Tantelroy

half-elf conspirator. Hired bandits to kill the PCs and aided in Festuad's kidnapping


A young half-elf with long blond hair and regal features, he dresses in the current fashion—a blue doublet with silver piping, black breeches, and fine boots.

Ayn named him as one of the conspirators. When confronted, he admitted to being part of it, and to killing Festuad il’Sook’s two lovers in his tent because they were witnesses to the kidnapping.

The brotherhood found a red wig in his tent – and the bandits that attacked them claimed to have been hired by a red-haired half elf. They confronted him about this and he also admitted to hiring the bandits.

He is now being held at the caravan by Astalle Fruex.


Joaquin Tantelroy

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