Signe Milnar

Signe Milnar is a Eladrin Storm Sorcerer with a mysterious past.


During their adventures in the Pyramid of Shadows, the Brotherhood encountered Signe, a storm sorcerer who had been trapped in the pyramid for indeterminate amount of time. The brotherhood has allowed Signe to become an integral part of their party but with some hesitation. There is a natural distrust between Manfred, the brotherhood’s firebombing wizard, and Signe. There seems to be an unusual connection between the two, but what it is, no one has been able to describe.

While in the Pyramid of Shadows, Signe became quite attached to a magical orb that contained the head of Vyrellis, an Eladrin princess. The attachment of the two Eladrin was separated once the brotherhood escaped the pyramid and Vyrellis’s orb grew dark.

Since that adventure, Signe has become more aware of his powers, as if the pyramid had stunted his abilities. However, with this increase of awareness, he is also increasingly afraid of venturing outside, often found with his hood cloaking his eyes from the horizon. Other peculiar traits that the Brotherhood have discovered is that Signe has an uncanny knowledge of ancient lore. However, whenever he speaks of history, he does so in the present tense. Initially the Brotherhood thought Signe was just being grammatically incorrect. However, as time has passed, the Brotherhood are starting to become aware that for Signe, the past was his contemporary present. The question remains, how long had Signe been trapped in the pyramid? Where (and when) is he really from?

Signe Milnar

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