Sword of Aecris

weapon (melee)

The longsword Aecris is identifiable by a series of diamonds set into the flat of the blade and two large diamonds set into either side of the guard. Heavily influenced by Draconic elements, Aecris’ cross-guard is shaped like outstretched dragon wings, while the pommel is fashioned with a roaring dragon’s head.


Aecris is a magical longsword in the posesssion of the Dragonborn Paladin Ragnarr. Ragnarr obtained this impressive blade in the depths of the Shadowfell, from the disgraced knight Sir Keegan. The blade had been teinted by the horriffic acts of it’s previous keeper, and Ragnarr had at first been inclined to throw the sword into the depths of the closest lake, rather than use such a blade. But then a curious thing happened…the sword spoke to Ragnarr, expressing it’s desire to be returned to glory by destroying the undead, and those who would stand against it’s righteous new keeper. Knowing he had the ability to unlock the powers of this awesome blade, and the chance to offer it redemption from the acts of it’s previous keeper, Ragnarr took the blade as his battle stadard and it has served him well ever since. Curiously, despite it’s heavy draconic design influences, the blade has since proven to be exceptionally effective against Dragons, which has earned Ragnarr the title “Ragnarr The Dragonslayer” from friends, and the much less enviable “Kin-Killer” nickname from his foes.


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