Brotherhood of the Natural 20's OR Suck it Irontooth
What was everyone saying after our first delve into 4th ed

From Ryan

Hey, sorry for rushing out of there so fast last night. I was exhausted after a long day.

That was a ton of fun, I’m glad we finally got to have a proper session, including clearing out an entire quest(I hope)! The group was a lot of fun. Nick & Joel: that was some quality roleplaying, and you did a good job of using of your new powers/abilities. Fighters and Paladins looked like a lot of fun. I enjoyed my Cleric, though I think if I had the choice I’d have given him a different At-Will power rather than have two range 5 missile attacks.

We faced a good variety of fights, and I think Rob did a great job of controlling the monsters. Miniatures really do make it fun to play out fights, it was much easier to follow than when I played AD&D with Nekan’s friends and the DM kept it all in his head.

And we had a good interlude in the town doing some talking and quest collecting. Props to Joel for getting us put up for free for the night!

Really liked the 4E rules, and I was amazed at how fast we got things going and at how few issues we had working out the details. The pre-made characters certainly made things go faster as well, and I think that playing through with them our first game will really speed up the creation process if we do create our own later on.

The Brotherhood grows
"Who is that tardy man?"

Manfred joins the party… reallly!

The Brotherhood gains a controller, striker friend.

First Adventure (Shadowfell Keep)
The begining...

Halor Edgewood the Elven Cleric (Ryan), Ragnarr the Dragonborn Paladin (Nick) and Dirstav the Dwarven Fighter (Joel), from “The Natural 20’s” Mercenary Company were on route to Winterhaven in search of their missing master Douven Staul (Other members of the company were delayed and are expected any minute). Before reaching the gates however, they were ambushed by a sudden and unprovoked attack by mysterious (though definitely not of Deer) tiny creatures. Due to some quick thinking and owing to the wonderful training and HR hiring policy of the Natural 20’s Mercenary Company – the party made quick work of these bandits.

Arriving in the town of Winterhaven with the blood of their beaten foes still fresh on their blades they headed to the local inn to reconnoiter. Dwarven Spirits and tongues flowed freely as our heroes learned about the recent Kobold attacks (presumed non-deer tiny creatures), and of a nearby suspected Dragon Burial ground where Douven Staul was last seen. News spread, deliberately, of their fame as Kobold Killers and it was as such that they met the ruler of Winterhaven. He enlisted their help in cleansing the land of the Kobold Lair, promising the generous sum of 100 GP in return. He was also convinced into giving the company free lodging in his fine guardsman barracks.

In a strategic move the party decided to clear out the Kobold Lair first. They approached the lair, and came upon a glowing magic circle of stones and a nearby waterfall – and a horde of angry Kobolds. Outnumbered but not outmatched the company tore through the Kobolds. Despite the magical strength provided by the magic circle to the Kobolds, our heroes slaughtered them (like animals).

Pausing to catch their breath, they notice that the battle is not yet over – there is a hidden passage way behind the waterfall. Throwing caution to the wind, they charged through the water with weapons drawn. A grizzly battle ensued. A wave of Kobolds surged forth, and while the carnage progressed a second wave of Kobolds arrived – lead by the massive Kobold warchief IronTooth and flanked by a shaman. The heroes fought hard, bringing all their skills to bear and narrowly defeated IronTooth. The day, and the booty, were theirs.

Death of Kalarel

Deep inside a temple of Orcus….

With the melee members of the Brotherhood down and nearly out of the fight, Kalarel and his minions looked to have won day. As the rift to the Shadowfell continued to open and Dirstav prone on a sacrificial alter. [:ragnarr]] oozing blood shoved the remaining undead abominations down a bottomless cravass.

Sensing this was the pivotal moment in the battle, Manfred the Tardy pitched himself down a hole in the ceiling, firing magic missle during his free fall. This unorthodox tactic resulted in Kalarel loosing his concentration on his summoning spell, leading to the arch-fiend being pulled into the Shadowfell.

This spelled the end of Kalarel ... but there were still parts of Sir Keegan’s former keep to explore. Final Battle

(Found this photo not in our album! Note the half painted [:ragnarr]] and old Manfred and Halor figures.)

Exploring the Keep on the Shadowfell
OR "Its a giant cube of Jell-o. How dangerous could it be?"

So for a recap on what we did last time out…

- We had a couple more battles clearing out the dungeon, which landed us some more coinage, plus boots that [:ragnarr]] is now wearing, that lets a person walk on water (with limitations) as well as some magical light armor that might be useful to you.

- We tried to return the personal effects of Sir Keegan’s family to him, but his ghost was nowhere to be found. Despite the monetary loss, it was decided that the right thing would be to leave the items next to his tomb.

- We returned to the cells to let Splugg go, but found his cell open, Splugg gone, and the two others we had locked up were killed.

- We returned to town to a hero’s welcome and were feasted by the townsfolk (and leveled up).

- We’re currently prepared to depart to a bigger city (the home of the Brotherhood of the Natural 20’s adventuring company) where we’ll gear-up, then head off on our next adventure which we learned a bit about through a scroll we found in the dungeon as well as some discussion with the local lord.

The Alamo
Never Split the Party

Deep inside the hold of Murkelmor Grimmerzhul the Brotherhood discovered some captives – the dark dwarves planned on selling into slavery or worse. Having secured one of the duegar’s two towers, the heroes after a quick discussion decided to split the party.

Halor and [:ragnarr]] will return with the captives and the dark elf guide, Cassandra. Meanwhile, Manfred and Dirstav planned on keeping watch on the other tower and causeways attaching linking the pair.

Eager from their freedom the slaves were eager to depart, but had to wait an hour while the adventures prepared a defensive outpost in the dark dwarves lair. Arcane lock rituals were used to seal doors and a small room in back (the dwarves kitchen) was ready should things go south and the wizard and dwarf had to hide. The Alamo

The Death of Murkelmor

We fought one hell of a tough battle (Dirstav go knocked to zero HP twice, including once being killed inside a fireplace) against the leader of the Durogar, two Durogar that hulked up to large size when bloodied, and a Durogar lobber. Between that and the last session’s battle we had taking the bridge, we were all out of surges and daily powers. We heard commotion in the next room and decided to investigate, finding the slaves. To free them, we had to take on a more powerful boss Durogar lobber guy and two cowardly demons that threw burning poisonous spikes at us. Once the Durogar lobber boss was down, the demons ran (or hovered) for it. Dirstav jumped (literally) after one of them to stop them from getting reinforcements, and ended up at 0 HP again after a bit of a tussle. Once he was back up (with 1HP), we freed the slaves, and ran like hell out of there. Our female Drow ranger was waiting, and passed her Dungeoneering check to bring us all safely back to town. We then put all the freed slaves up for a night at the Halfmoon Inn, and took a very well deserved extended rest. And leveled to 7. And called it a night.

Well of Daemon's
Email Recap
  • Giant pools of blood… check.
  • Evil pillars of randomness… check.
  • ‘Great’ planning ahead… check.
  • Level eight… check.
  • Deal with the devil… check.
  • Manfred targeting Dirstav with spells… check.
  • Deamon and dragonborn make-out hallway cession… rumored.

Don’t think I missed anything. Or did I?

Can’t wait to see what happens next in the well of deamons, once we place all the items in the circles.


You forgot your dragonborn carcass tug-of-war.

Oh, and the hilarious execution of my plan to have Durstav ‘easily’ climb over the blood pool on a rope.


St. Patty's Day = Green Dragon
Anytime we survive must be counted as a good time. Balls to chin fun.

Green Dragon

Must say I was little underwhelmed by the dragon; the brotherhood just knows how to deal with solos. We really swarmed the irish right off the green beasty. Great job, Steve of controlling that wyrm. Ryan superb leadership (reckless as always). And Nick, great job ‘killing’ the dragon.

The big fight:

Well the slaves died. Three of us died (some multiple times). Dirstav was reduced to throwing rocks and rotten chunks of metal. Yet somehow, we managed to defeat Maldrick Scarmaker. I am going to blame our poor (yet heroic) performance on our rolling going south and quick time events. Thanks (again) Steve/Manfred for saving our bacon (again).

I feel the rest of week will only be let down after such a high on Tuesday. Great job everyone – great dm’ing again Rob, who in my mind has the best line of the night “Man! You guys are really hard to kill off!” Unbiased mediation at its best.

Enter the Pyramid
A good sign of things to come

The adventures discover a Sign Milnar being held captive by an Ettin. So begins our time in the cursed pyramid – with a storm sorcerer and a bodily-impaired eladrin princess .



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