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  • First Adventure (Shadowfell Keep)

    [[:59484 | Halor Edgewood]] the Elven Cleric (Ryan), [[:ragnarr | Ragnarr]] the Dragonborn Paladin (Nick) and [[:60462 | Dirstav]] the Dwarven Fighter (Joel), from "The Natural 20's" Mercenary Company were on route to [[Winterhaven]] in search of their …

  • Death of Kalarel

    Deep inside a temple of Orcus.... With the melee members of the Brotherhood down and nearly out of the fight, [[:59862 | Kalarel]] and his minions looked to have won day. As the rift to the Shadowfell continued to open and [[:60462 | Dirstav]] prone …

  • Exploring the Keep on the Shadowfell

    So for a recap on what we did last time out... - We had a couple more battles clearing out the dungeon, which landed us some more coinage, plus boots that [:ragnarr]] is now wearing, that lets a person walk on water (with limitations) as well as some …

  • Kalarel

    A mad priest of the Demon Lord Orcus. He was attempting to tear open a rift to the Shadowfell, but was vanquished by our brave PCs.