Even in the days of the empire, Napina was a remote rural community. Its position on a broad lake in the foothills also made it a prosperous fishing, logging, and mining settlement, with a mix of races to call it home. The village’s industries were important and successful enough for it to have a local lord, a nice wall, a keep, and a substantial garrison.

When the empire fell, local nobles were left on their own, unless they had strong allies nearby. Life in Napina still went along normally for a few generations after the fall of Nerath. Just this winter, a warrior from an influential family, one Hargus Mensa, captain of the militia, got it into his head that he could seize power in the village. Lady Eva Napina, then the ruling noble, refused to acquiesce to the demands of the rebel faction. War ensued.

Mensa then made a severe error in judgment. He hired a small squad of trolls to aid his rebels. The rebels quickly proved victorious, but the troll leader, a Bane-worshiping war troll named Venduul, cunningly discerned that no one left alive could oppose his rule in Napina. Venduul and his trolls killed Mensa and Lady Napina, and they took control of Napina soon after. With springtime waxing in Napina, Venduul had plans to use the village and its fortress to gather an army to conquer nearby lands in Bane’s name.

His plans were cut short by the mighty Brotherhood, as they worked with the resistance to slay him and his court.


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