Notes from the Landsmeet

Message from Rendil Halfmoon

Before heading to the meeting, you receive a message from Rendil Halfmon that Emma Halfmoon is missing. It reads that Emma was in Wellspring visiting her sister, and now she’s disappeared. He pleads for you help, if you are anywhere near Wellspring if you could you please take a look for her. He fears the worst, and is beside himself with grief.

The Giants

Lord Warden stands up to speak. “A new threat has appeared that we must once again ask your help to deal with so that Fallcrest and the surrounding lands do not succumb to the ever-encroaching darkness.”

The captain of the guard stops forward at a sign from Lord Warden. He bows slightly to you and says, “Someone or something has roused the giants of the Stonemarch and the lands beyond. Already, and army of these terrible creatures is preparing to march. They shall easily sweep over Winterhaven on their way towards Fallcrest.”

“We need a group to discover the cause of this act of war.” Lord Warden says. “You must find a way to stop this threat before Fallcrest and the entire vale are overrun and destroyed.”

Troll Haunt Warrens

Lady Kiera, from the Council of Mages stands up next to speak. “We have received information from our scrying and through variations in the arcane energies that a terrible power has returned to the Trollhaunt Warrens, near the town of Moonstair,” she explains. “This power takes the form of a troll king and a cauldron of solid stone. What’s more, according to our data: this troll king cannot die.”

If this information is correct – and we must act now. We can ill afford another Napina. However, with the threat of an army of Giants we cannot commit our troops until we know for certain that an army is mobilizing. If there is an army, gentlemen, then it could well consume much more than Moonstair – it would threaten then whole Nentir Vale!


Mayor Bernelli stand up, and says “There is one last item on our agenda today”. Lord Expora speaks next. “We have been hearing more and more reports of disappearances from the town of Wellspring. More than 20 people have gone missing, and nothing has been done! Sightings of Grells were seen not a week ago! We cannot let our gaze slip from our duty – this town is in danger, and there is no one anywhere near to help. We cannot let innocents die while we track down rumours of war and unconfirmed information.

Notes from the Landsmeet

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