WotC Miniature Database

Alright what I am going to try to do is create a complete list of all our Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. This list will be complete with number we have, size, and link to where their picture and stats can be found. (Joel)

Played around with tables. Looking good!(Rob)

  • T = Tiny (1/2 Square)
  • S = Small (1 Square)
  • M = Medium (1 Square)
  • L = Large (2×2 Squares)
  • H = Huge (3×3 Squares)
  • G = Gargantuan (4×4 Squares or more)

Aboleth Slime Mage 1Limage
Angel of Retribution 1Limage
Angel of Valour Legionnaire 4Mimage
Arbalester 2Mimage
Archon Water Shoal Reaver 1M!!
Banshrae Warrior 1Mimage
Bat Fire 1Mimage
“Bebilith”: 1H
Beholder Ultimate Tyrant 1Himage
Behemoth Bloodspike 1Limage
Behemoth Trihorn 1H
Bodak Skulk 2Mimage
Brain in a Jar 1M
Bugbear Lancebreaker 1Mimage
Bullywug Guard 6Mimage
Bullywug Mud Lord 1Mimage
Chillfire Destoryer 1Limage
Chuul 1Limage
Cloaker Ambusher 1L
Cockatrice 1Simage
Crocodile Feymire 1H
Crownwing 1L
Cyclops Crusher 1Limage
Death Knight Dragonborn Paladin 1Mimage
Demon Balor 1Himage
Demon Gnaw 2Mimage
Demon Goristro 2Himage
Demon Graz`zt 1Mimage
Demon Hezrou 1Limage
Demon Mezzodemon1Mimage
Demon Nalfeshnee Tyrant 1H
Deva Fanatic 1M
Devil Legion Devil Legionnaire 6Mimage
Devil War Devil 2Limage
Draconian Aurak_ 3Mimage
Dragon Black Young Lurker 1Limage
Dragon Gold Young 1Limage
Dragon Gray Adult 1Limage
Dragon Green Elder 1Himage
Dragon Iron Elder 2Himage
Dragon Iron Prowler 1Limage
Dragon Purple Adult 1Limage
Dragon White Elder 1Himage
Drake Bloodseeker 1Mimage
Drake Guard Drake 2Mimage
Drider Fanglord 1Limage
Drow Enforcer 1Mimage
Drow Spiderguard 1Mimage
Drow Wand Mage 1Mimage
Drow Warrior Spiderbound 2Mimage
Duergar Cleric of Asmodeus 1Mimage
Duergar Guard 3Mimage
Dwarf Galeb Duhr 2Mimage
Dwarf Warsword 1Mimage
Eladrin Pyromancer 1Mimage
Elf Arcane Archer 1Mimage
Foulspawn Berserker 2Mimage
Foulspawn Grue 1Simage
Foulspawn Hulk 2Limage
Foulspawn Mangler 1Mimage
Foulspawn Seer 1Mimage
Giant Fire Raider 1Limage
Giant Frost 3Limage
Githyanki Mindslicer 2Mimage
Githyanki Warrior 1Mimage
Githzerai Cenbite 1Mimage
Githzerai Mindmage 2Mimage
Ghoul Plaguechanged 1Mimage
Ghoul Visceral Devourer 1Mimage
Goblin Cutter 4Simage
Goblin Delver 1simage
Goblin Norker 1Simage
Goblin Runner 2Simage
Goblin Sharpshooter 3Simage
Goblin Wolf Rider 1Mimage
Golem Clay 1Limage
Griffon Runefire 1Limage
Grimlock Minion 4Mimage
Guulvorg Armoured 1Himage
Half-Elf Assassin 1Mimage
Halfling Feybound 1Mimage
Harpy 2Mimage
Hellwasp 1Mimage
Hippogriff 1Limage
Hobgoblin Bolraze, Priestess of Bane 1Mimage
Hobgoblin Guard 2Mimage
Hobgoblin Warcaster 1Mimage
Horde Scarab Larva Swarm Pile of Gold 3Mimage
Human Captain of the Watch 1Mimage
Human Cloaktrick Rogue 1Mimage
Human Deathpriest of Orcus 1Mimage
Human Degenerate Cultist of Orcus 2Mimage
Human Doomdreamer 4Mimage
Human Female Cleric of Sune 1Mimage
Human Golden Wyvern Initiate 1Mimage
Human Inhabited Corpse/ Fallen Villager 2Mimage
Human Male Fighter 1Mimage
Human Rabble 3Mimage
Human Skullcleave Warrior 1Mimage
Infernal Armor 2Simage
Kobold Flamescorched 2Simage
Kobold Wyrmpriest 2Simage
Kruthik Young 6td>Simage
Kruthik Adult 1Mimage
Lizardfolk Raider 1Mimage
Minotaur Savage 1Limage
Minotaur Thug 2Mimage
Ochre Jelly 2Mimage
Orc Eye of Gruumsh 2Mimage
Orc Terrorblade 3Mimage
Owlbear Furious 1Limage
Plant Greenvise Vine 1Limage
"Psychic Sentitel ":http://ddmdb.com/miniatures/1151 1Limage
Rat Ravenous Dire 2Simage
Rat Swarm 1Mimage
Remorhaz 1Himage
Rockfire Dreadnought 2Limage
Rust Monster 2Mimage
Salamander Archer 1Limage
Salamander Firetale 1Limage
Scarecrow Stalker 2Mimage
Scorpion Hellstinger 4Limage
Shifter Claw Adept 1Mimage
Skeletal Cyclops died off screen 1Limage
Skeletal Tiefling 3Mimage
Skeleton Blazing 1Mimage
Skeleton Corruption Corpse 1Mimage
Slaad Black 1Limage
Slaad Spawn 2Simage
Slaad Talon 1Limage
Snake Deathrattle Viper 4Mimage
Snake Swarm 4Mimage
Sorrowsworn Reaper 2Mimage
Specter 1Mimage
Spider Phaseweb 2Limage
Storm Shardstorm Vortex 1Mimage
Storm Thunderblast Cyclone 1Himage
Storm Windfiend Fury 1Limage
Tiefling Gladiator 1Mimage
Tiefling Necromancer 1Mimage
Titan Death 1Himage
Titan Earth 1Himage
Titan Frost 2Himage
Titan Storm 1Himage
Treant Blackroot 1Himage
Troll Feral 1Limage
Troll Bladerager 1Limage
Troll Skalmad, the Troll King NO PEAKING! 1Limage
Troll War 2Limage
Unicorn 1Limage
Vampire Guildmaster 1Mimage
Wight Deathlock 1Mimage
Wraith Lurking 1Mimage
Xorn Ravager 1Mimage
Yuan-Ti Fangblade 4Mimage
Yochlol Tempter 2Mimage
Zombie Hulk 2Limage
Zombie Orc 3Mimage

WotC Miniature Database

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