First Adventure (Shadowfell Keep)

The begining...

Halor Edgewood the Elven Cleric (Ryan), Ragnarr the Dragonborn Paladin (Nick) and Dirstav the Dwarven Fighter (Joel), from “The Natural 20’s” Mercenary Company were on route to Winterhaven in search of their missing master Douven Staul (Other members of the company were delayed and are expected any minute). Before reaching the gates however, they were ambushed by a sudden and unprovoked attack by mysterious (though definitely not of Deer) tiny creatures. Due to some quick thinking and owing to the wonderful training and HR hiring policy of the Natural 20’s Mercenary Company – the party made quick work of these bandits.

Arriving in the town of Winterhaven with the blood of their beaten foes still fresh on their blades they headed to the local inn to reconnoiter. Dwarven Spirits and tongues flowed freely as our heroes learned about the recent Kobold attacks (presumed non-deer tiny creatures), and of a nearby suspected Dragon Burial ground where Douven Staul was last seen. News spread, deliberately, of their fame as Kobold Killers and it was as such that they met the ruler of Winterhaven. He enlisted their help in cleansing the land of the Kobold Lair, promising the generous sum of 100 GP in return. He was also convinced into giving the company free lodging in his fine guardsman barracks.

In a strategic move the party decided to clear out the Kobold Lair first. They approached the lair, and came upon a glowing magic circle of stones and a nearby waterfall – and a horde of angry Kobolds. Outnumbered but not outmatched the company tore through the Kobolds. Despite the magical strength provided by the magic circle to the Kobolds, our heroes slaughtered them (like animals).

Pausing to catch their breath, they notice that the battle is not yet over – there is a hidden passage way behind the waterfall. Throwing caution to the wind, they charged through the water with weapons drawn. A grizzly battle ensued. A wave of Kobolds surged forth, and while the carnage progressed a second wave of Kobolds arrived – lead by the massive Kobold warchief IronTooth and flanked by a shaman. The heroes fought hard, bringing all their skills to bear and narrowly defeated IronTooth. The day, and the booty, were theirs.



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