Dragonborn Paladin, Sword Marshal (Multiclass Warlord)


Acquired Titles:

Ragnar the Dragon Slayer (For his effective & brutal saying of the Green Dragon in the face of adversity. Furthered by his defeat of an adult White Dragon in the Pyramid of Shadows’ ice cave)

Knight of the Highest Order (For his contributions in liberating the town of Napina)

Feller of the Death Hag (For defeating an impossibly hard Lvl 18 enemy at level 11)

Hero of Ardent (For oferring his services in defending Ardent with his companions)

Earthshaker’s Bane (For defeating the Earth Titan faced in Ardent)

Armament of Choice: Aecris (Longsword +3), Heavy Shield, Plate Armor (Currently Using Summoned Drake Scale). He has recently come into posession of an ancient ring once belonging to a famous Dragonborn emperor, which now rivals Aecris as his prized posession.

Preferred Fighting Style: Defensive, One on One

Notable Strengths: Exceptional Strength, Master Swordsman, Extremely Intimidating

Notable Weaknesses: Poor Agility & Limited Ranged Attacks, Most non-combat skills are of little interest to him, Uses traditional Dragonborn physical “posturing” techniques when trying to attact females and doesn’t understand why this doesn’t work.


Ragnarr General Info: Ragnarr is an imposing Dragonborn of redish colour, standing at 6’8, 320 lbs. and is almost always found decked out in a suit of Full Plate with his Heavy shield and magical longsword, Aecris, in hand. Not much is known about Ragnarr’s past and not many ask. Some say that he is a descendant from a lesser noble family before the fall of the Dragonborn empire, some say a physically gifted son of a mercenary with only coin on his mind, but Ragnarr has never really opened up about his past to even his closest companions.

Ragnarr the Paladin: As a Paladin serving under the god Bahamut, many have observed that while he is peerless in his sense of combat duty and honour, it might be at the cost of some of the non combat arts Paladin’s are trained in. Unfortunately some see his deminished healing prowess and lack of devotion to his prayers as being a lesser Paladin than most, whereas Ragnarr believes that his combat skills are most like to keep him alive, and that the blood of Bahamut’s enemies on his blade is what his god truly intended for him.

Ragnarr the Multiclass Warlord: Early into his adventuring career Ragnarr discovered his impressive ability with the sword, which he works on bettering as often as possible, through hours and hours of combat and training. His conservative combat nature has also allowed him to tactically analyse battles better than the reckless types, and you’ll rarely find his flank unprotected. Part of the bortherhood of the natural 20’s, also affectionately known as “Ragnarr’s Roughnecks”, he is a constant among them, and while he certainly is not the most vocal, people see him as a leader by his actions. As persuing the mastery of the sword is his lifelong goal, Ragnarr’s chosen Paragon Path of Sword Marshal was a natural choice.

Ragnarr of the Bortherhood of the Natural 20’s: Ragnarr joined with the Brotherhood of the natural 20’s, fittingly, when he was 20. His current questing companions were a good fit for him, as he respected the similar devotion to their craft from the start and has grown to know appreciate their collective courage through many battles. Ragnarr finds himself in the role of Defender to the party and his conservative and calculated maneuvers balance out for the more brash, reckless and “colourful” Dirstav. Ragnarr counts Halor Edgewood as a close friend, and as a valuable asset as the healer he could never be. Wary of magical users in general, Ragnarr has nonetheless appreciated new addition Sine Milnar’s abilities; and while he believes there’s much to be said about the accuracy Manfred the Tardy possesses, there’s no questioning his flair for the dramatic and his clutch ability.


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