• You grant combat advantage to enemies making melee attacks against you.
  • You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport, crawl, or be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide.
    • You cannot shift while prone
  • You get a +2 bonus to all defenses against ranged attacks from nonadjacent enemies.
    • not against area / burst / blast attacks.
  • You’re lying on the ground. (If you’re flying, you safely descend a distance equal to your fly speed. If you don’t reach the ground, you fall.)
  • You take a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
    • House Rule: only applies to melee attacks.
  • You can drop prone as a minor action.
  • If you teleport while prone, you end up in the same position at your destination
    • Slight rule abuse, you could teleport 10’ into the air, and if you are trained in Acrobatics, make an acrobatics check to land on your feet. Allowed due to coolness.
  • You can occupy the same square as a standing creature


Move Action
Prone: You must be prone to crawl.
Movement: Move up to half your speed.

Stand Up

Move Action
Unoccupied Space: If your space is not occupied by another creature, you stand up where you are.
Occupied Space: If your space is occupied by another creature, you can shift 1 square, as part of this move action, to stand up in an adjacent unoccupied space. If your space and all adjacent squares are occupied by other creatures, you can’t stand up.


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